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Sanctuary Cities: Democrat Machine for Population Replacement?

Sanctuary Cities: Democrat Machine for Population Replacement?ROTHERHAM ABUSE SCANDAL: Horrific reality of ‘industrial scale’ child grooming revealed

Immigration reform- ‘The California Package’ – LA Times

Sanctuary Cities Endanger – National Security and Public Safety
By Michael W. Cutler, Senior Special Agent, INS (Ret.)
Volume 26, Number 2 (Winter 2016)
Issue theme: “Immigration Briefing Book”

How Trump can defund ‘sanctuary cities’ protecting undocumented immigrants
Alan Gomez , USA TODAY

Cities that refuse to follow U.S. immigration laws risk loss of federal grants

Trump to Fox News: I may defund California as ‘a weapon’ to fight illegal immigration

California gives immigrants here illegally unprecedented rights, benefits, protections

California Moves Toward Extending Obamacare to Illegal Immigrants
Those in the country illegally are prohibited from access to Obamacare, but a loophole in the law could change that.

Hungary’s Orban: Migrant Invasion Is European Left, American Democrat Plot To Import Left-Wing Voters

Democrats call Alabama’s voter ID law ‘racist’ but require DNC delegates to show ID to vote

Protests against Trump’s immigration plan rolling in more than 30 cities

Obama Has Deported More People Than Any Other President

An Examination of Minority Voters’ Views on Immigration
By Steven A. Camarota February 2010

Map: Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States
Sanctuary Cities Continue to Obstruct Enforcement, Threaten Public Safety
By Bryan Griffith, Jessica Vaughan January 2016

Support for More Border Control Hits Four-Year High
California Today: Taking On Trump Over Sanctuary Cities