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8 months ago — November 20, 2021 2:51 AM

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Premiere 10:30pm EST (in 45mins) Looking at the Rittenhouse acquittal through the lens of the faltering national institutions as well as the threat of mob violence in the country that is continually whipped up by the media. The political trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is a testament to the crumbling nature of American society.

Even more so that not only groups of people now believe that arson, looting and all manner of violence is a legitimate response to perceived injustice, and this is done with the backing of the national media , but the authorities have been shown to do nothing to protect communities across America from this wonton violence. That a 17 year old boy felt it was his responsibility to help protect a community that had been abandoned by the authorities, speaks to the absolute failure of authorities that abdicated their responsibilities and left the protection of the community, from the mob, to unironically a 17 year old kid.

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