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1 year ago — September 9, 2022 6:05 PM

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In February 2022 the Russian Special Operation in Ukraine kicked off. While this video will not speculate on the why and how’s of this particular conflict, its coming could easily been seen months if not years out by anyone paying attention. 

But the reaction by Western nations, given the current state of their own countries situations and economies is absolute numbskullery at its finest if not outright deranged. 

From the outset Western nations immediately placed heavy sanctions on Russia, who also happens to be one of the EUs main supplier of energy. 
They did this without any alternative arrangements that could guarantee the continents energy supply. This is a completely demented position given the reality of Europe and its dependency on Russian energy. 

Europe placed itself into a position where the length of the war actually hurts itself more than it hurts Russia. Which is absurd.

What this also shows is the true power of the liberal world order. Or the lack of it to be more exact. 

Moreover, the video looks at the fact that the European Union had been moving towards the current state, that of energy insecurity for years by fanatically following the “green policy agenda”

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