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1 year ago — September 11, 2022 4:56 PM

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Ukrainian pensioner ‘shoots down £74million Russian Su-34 jet with a RIFLE and is awarded a medal for his heroism’
Valeriy Fedorovych allegedly shot down Russian Su-34 jet flying over Chernihiv
He collected debris from the exploded jet and keeps it in his garage
Pensioner was awarded a medal by the State Border Service of Ukraine

Liz Truss risks recklessly inflaming Ukraine’s war to serve her own ambition
This article is more than 4 months oldSimon Jenkins

Pensioner ‘shot down £74,000,000 Russian jet over his home with antique rifle’

Why the United States Can’t Win Wars’t-win-wars-177374

Thousands gather at ‘Czech Republic First’ rally over energy crisis
Around 70,000 demonstrators demand new gas deal with Russia and end to sanctions over war in Ukraine

Europe’s Winter Gas Shortages Set to Last at Least Until 2025
Supply to remain tight until at least 2025 on LNG bottlenecks
Demand destruction is coming to Europe, energy executives say

Lack of Grain Exports Driving Global Hunger to Famine Levels, as War in Ukraine Continues, Speakers Warn Security Council
Russian Federation Delegate Refutes United States Claim That His Country Is Holding World Hostage with Blockade of Ukraine’s Ports

Russia Tells Famine-Fearing Africa It’s Not to Blame for Food Shortage
Badly needed grain has been piling up in Ukrainian ports since Moscow invaded, but Russia’s top diplomat is in Africa saying the West is to blame.

EXCLUSIVE: British soldiers told to get ready for war against Russia – and prepare loved ones
Warrant Officer Paul Carney said soldiers should prepare their families for the possibility of being sent to Ukraine to fight Russia in the war which has now been going on six months

Russia’s ‘Dead Hand’ Is a Soviet-Built Nuclear Doomsday Device

Belgorod, the jewel of the Russian Navy capable of causing ‘radioactive tsunamis’
The Belgorod submarine is designed to accommodate the 100-megaton Poseidon torpedoes

Russian ‘nuclear tsunami’ will wipe out Britain, Kremlin-backed media threatens

Food Crisis Risks ‘Messy’ Migration Wave Into Europe, EU Warns
Exodus likely from Africa, Middle East in event of shortages
EU migration chief says 2.7 million Ukrainians likely to stay

60-80% of Twitter accounts posting on Russia-Ukraine war bots, 90% ‘pro Ukraine’, finds new study
Scholars from the University of Adelaide studied 5.2 million posts shared between 23 February & 8 March & found the bots may be pushing people to flee their homes in these countries.

Putin threatens Ukraine allies as Truss urges ‘doubling down’ on support for Kyiv
This article is more than 4 months old
Russian president says retaliation against outside interference will be ‘lightning-fast’ as UK foreign secretary calls for total expulsion of Russian forces.

What is Russia’s Poseidon nuclear drone and could it wipe out the UK in a radioactive tsunami?

The foreign secretary’s belligerent comments on Russia reduce Ukraine to a pawn in the Conservatives’ power struggle

How Liz Truss, Russia’s Nemesis, Could Change Ukraine War if She Becomes PM