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11 months ago — April 23, 2023 12:06 PM

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I have been making a lot of socio-economic, political and other videos and thought I would retrofit a video I made several years ago on something totally different. The concept of “neoteny” and how it figures into the cult of “kawaii” or cute in Asia and Japan in particular. 
There is of course a real and scientific reason for why Anime/Manga look the way they do, but while many are familiar with the features of it, it is difficult for them to point out what…. exactly? 
It is a facinating tale and is told by a friend of mine actually, so I am not actually in the video, but I think she does a good job. 
Tell me what you think and also, as always, thanks so very much for sticking with me. It really means a lot. 

All the best and see some of you this Sunday.