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5 months ago — February 3, 2024 4:16 PM

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While many found Joe Biden’s so called emotional or fiery speech that he unleashed upon his presumptive rival for the 2024 election humorous as He confused WWII service men with his son Hunter and questioned how DARE Donald Trump talk about both in the way he has, what I think we can all agree on is that pretty much everything in Washington today is performative politics.
As almost everyone can foreshadow until November, the United States an its Uniparty will display all the most ugly traits and exhibit just how dysfunctional the country has become.

While Democrats has allied themselves with big tech and the Republicans with big Oil, both are beholden to the military industrial complex and just different heads of the same machine.
While the Democratic machine has bringing back one of their most famous hacks, that of Jon Stewart to fill its tool box of performative politics what is more interesting is the way Joe Biden is all the sudden trying to act tough so called manly man from behind his teleprompters and going into November there is a real reason why.

Find out more and as always, thanks to you guys that have stuck with me though the thick and thin.
It is appreciated. 

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