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DUNE: Dispensing CRIMSON RED PILLS Machine Gun Style

2 months ago — March 16, 2024 9:59 PM

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The new iteration of DUNE does delve into the mechanics of an interplanetary universe of the novels written by Frank Herbert, and these details within the storyline reinforce existing ideas that are now considered verboten in the West. You also have to consider that the book was written in the 1960s, long before our current social and cultural moral self-flagellation became in vogue that caused much of the social decay we witness on a daily basis.

On women, and female sexuality
The unborn
Systems of government that human beings gravitate toward
On their natural state
Globalism vs nationalism
That which makes men strong and weak.
Plus, many others.

The way the source material, as well as the film examines these, and other themes is very much as odds with the current enforced cultural narratives on what is right and wrong think –there is also the issues of within the book that are totally discarded in order to make DUNE at least palatable to the professionally offended.

Just wanted to also say, thanks very much for your support and sticking with me. It is very much appreciated. Hope to see you in this week’s meet up tomorrow.
Cheers and be well.