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2 months ago — March 26, 2024 2:56 PM

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I think many feel as though the world has gone off the rails. For some it might feel as though this has been a decade long process but for others, it feels like 2020 is when the wheels starting falling off in earnest.
While many will ascribe this increasingly dysfunctionality with the cyclical transformation and transition of power between competing empires and their rivals or of the mathematically inevitability of our socially destructive use of fractional reserve banking, others see signs that the END IS NIGH.

In fact there are those that are actively seeking not peace and stability, but laying the foundation for bringing about Judgement Day and the End of this world.

The Question is: Why do adherents of Islam, Christianity and Judaism all believe that the imminent sacrifice of a Red Heifer is so important? And how might this red cow, as they believe, depending on the book,  ignite the End Times and the arrival or the return of the Messiah? 
Find out. 
As always, I would like to say thank you very much for sticking with me. It is very much appreciated and means more than you can know. 
See you this weekend for the group meet-up and chat.