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New Video: Israel's (Stink) MOAB INEFFECTIVE on Indians

3 months ago — April 9, 2024 5:00 PM

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As the current crisis in Gaza winds down and people there begin to pick up the pieces and count the costs of the horrific bloodshed, I was reminded that besides the nations highly honed arsenal of death, non-lethal forms of crowd control have been tested and used effectively by Israel, including what has become known as the skunk, on the Palestinian populace for years now. 

The highly nasally penetrative stink bomb, is a non-lethal but notoriously foul, sewage-smelling liquid that can be mixed with water and sprayed on protesters. The smell takes days to fade from the skin of demonstrators, even after multiple showers. And Israel has sought to export the Skunk to other nations to help with dispersing violent mobs and with crowd control. And while the sickening aroma has worked on its Palestinian subjects, there is one test group that its vile odour has not been able to cow. The Indian and their mighty ability to withstand any level of grotesque pungency based on their daily lived experiences within Indian settlements and urban areas.

Interesting tale and a bit off topic, but one I enjoyed making. 
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